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Carved Beeswax Rose Candle

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Hand molding beeswax is a fun (but sometimes more difficult) way to get
creative with this natural wax. Taking the time to practice this technique is the key to creating a stunning finished piece.


• 1 lb beeswax
• 18-gauge wire: 18 inches long
• Primed wick (for candles 1 to 2 inches): 4 inches long


• Double boiler
• Metal baking tray
• Plastic wrap
• Pliers
• Ruler
• Scissors


To make the beeswax sheets
1 . Lay the plastic wrap over the baking tray, smoothing out as many air bubbles as possible and covering the edges completely.
2 . Heat the beeswax in the double boiler until completely melted.
3 . Pour molten beeswax into the baking tray, less than 1/8-inch thick. Move the tray around to ensure even coverage.
4 . Once completely cooled, lift the plastic wrap by a corner and remove from the baking tray. Peel the plastic wrap off the beeswax sheet and discard.

To assemble the rose
1 . Cut one piece of beeswax approximately 2 x 4 inches; round the corners.
2 . Starting from one end on the short side, roll the piece of beeswax around the wick, pulling the top edge out as you roll and creating a petal-like look. Wrap wax around the wick two to three times; cut off remaining beeswax.
3 . Using the scissors, cut out 10 to 15 petal shapes (like a raindrop but flat on the bottom).
4 . Hold each end of the petal lengthwise and work it back and fourth, stretching it slightly.
5 . Attach the petals around the candle center, pressing tightly where the petals meet to secure in place. Note: The first inner layer holds three petals, and the second layer of petals will go between the first three.
6 . Repeat steps as necessary to create the desired size and depth (about two more layers with three to five petals each).
7 . Using the scissors, trim excess wax on the bottom, creating a stump that resembles the bottom of taper candles. Make sure not to trim too high and disassemble the entire rose.
8 . Adjust the height of the petals as needed, then press the edges of the petals to soften the look.

To make the wired stand
1 . Wrap the wire around the ruler as closely as possible; remove the wire wrapping from the ruler by sliding it off.
2 . Using the pliers, unravel the wire spiral. Note: You will have a long, zigzagged shaped piece of wire.
3 . Curl the piece around, forming a circle. Bend the ends inward like a “C” shape so the ends may hook onto each other.
4 . Using the pliers and your hands, adjust the spacing and shape of the wire until the bottom diameter is slightly larger than the top, leaving about a 1-inch opening on top.
5 . Drop the rose candle at the center of the wire.

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