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Mini Hearts and Stars Beeswax Candles

Posted: October 16th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: beeswax, candlemaking tutorials | Tags: , , , , , | No Comments »

mini hearts and stars candle

Silicone ice trays make great tools when it comes to making poured beeswax candles. While the beeswax stubbornly sticks to other types of molds, with silicone, the candle pops right out. These little heart and star-shaped candles are perfect for gift giving or adding a touch of candlelight to any occasion.


  • primed wick (for candles 1 to 2″ diameter) cut to 4 pieces at 1.5″ long
  • Natural-colored honeycomb textured beeswax sheet: 8 x 16 inches
  • Heart shaped silicone ice tray
  • Star-shaped silicone ice tray
  • Star-shaped silicone ice tray



  1. Heat the beeswax sheet in the double boiler until completely melted.
  2. Pour the beeswax slowly to the top of each silicone ice tray cavity, reserving about 2 oz. of the beeswax; set aside.
  3. While the wax is still warm, insert a wicking needle at the center of the wax, creating a space for the wick to be placed when the candle is cooled.
  4. Once the wax has cooled completely, remove the candles from the molds by popping out the wax.
  5. Poke the wax with the wicking needle through the center again to ensure enough room for sliding the primed wick into the candle.
  6. Insert a wick into each candle, making sure the wick and candle are flush at the bottom.
  7. To fill the bottom of the candles and secure the wicks in place, set the candles face down on the ice trays. Reheat the remaining beeswax in the double boiler. Using a metal spoon, scoop enough molten beeswax to fill the indent on the bottom of the candles. Let cool completely, then trim the wicks to 0.25″

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